Building the one of the most popular Slack apps of all time - Wilhelm Klopp, Simple Poll

Wilhelm Klopp has had an interesting journey as an indie hacker, leaving his comfortable job as a software engineer at GitHub, to creating one of the most popular Slack apps of all time, Simple Poll. The app has been installed on over 600,000 workspaces a

Wilhelm Klopp is the founder of Simple Poll, a super simple (but powerful) poll Slack app that has over 600k active users. Wil now works on Simple Poll full time having left his job at GitHub in September 2019 (1 year ago 🎉).

What we discussed in this episode:
  • Hows the year been after leaving GitHub
  • What is Simple Poll
  • How Wil came up with the idea
  • How he grew the app to 600k users
  • What he did to start charging for a free app
  • The danger of building for another platform (Slack)
  • How he transitioned to work full-time on Simple Poll
  • What it's like being a full-time indie hacker
  • Why it's quite good having a job while working on side projects
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