Growing a podcast to 50k downloads in 6 months - Danny Miranda, The Danny Miranda Show

Danny Miranda runs the Danny Miranda Show, a podcast he's rapidly grown to 50k downloads in just 6 months. He's relentless, focused and consistent, publishing 3 episodes a week with some of his favorite authors and entrepreneurs. In this episode we discus

Today I'm joined by Danny Miranda, who is the host of The Danny Miranda podcast, which has rapidly grown to over 50,000 downloads in less than 6 months. He publishes 3x a week and has had some awesome guests including Harry Dry, Gary Vee and David Perell. Danny is a walking case study of shooting your shot, making your own luck and having laser focus on one single thing.

But this episode isn't going to be about podcasting specifically, we're going to talk about how consistency, compounding and execution can lead to you making progress in your personal projects or entrepreneurial ventures. I think you'll be inspired by Danny's story.

What we covered:

  • Who is Danny Miranda?
  • Why Danny started out dropshipping? and what stopped him from pursuing that?
  • How did the podcast come about?
  • Why podcasting isn't that saturated
  • Why Danny committed to 100 episodes when he started
  • The unintended benefits of podcasts?
  • Why laser focus and consistency is the key to Danny's growth
  • How Danny switched from a starter to a finisher
  • How to stop context switching
  • Why accountability is the key to motivation
  • Short term vs long term thinking
  • Why the 75 hard program had so much of an impact on Danny
  • Danny's plan to make money with the pod!


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